Fri 12 Mar 2010

Whisky News


Todays news is that the world’s oldest Speyside malt whisky has gone on sale for up to £10,000 a bottle. It is Mortlach 70 year old which was filled into cask 15th October 1938 and bottled exactly 70 years later.

Wine Society members may not be able to lay their hands on a bottle, but we do currently offer an 18 year old 40% Mortlach and a 19 year old natural strength 55% Mortlach at £21 and £29 respectively. What a bargain!!


  1. K Rankin says:

    Mortlach…… wish you had some of it available now….it was a bargain!
    Can you provide an update as to what’s happening to the rest of the Society’s whisky offer. It was excellent, maybe too good. It’s now becoming a little disappointing, compared with where it used to be, with so many items being discontinued. Will the situation improve or is that it for the foreseeable future?
    K Rankin

    • Mark Buckenham says:

      Sorry for the delay in response.

      Sadly, Mortlach was always going to run out: the stock that we have been offering came from fillings that we bought for our own blended whisky and regrettably there aren’t enough casks of Mortlach remaining to offer as a single malt anymore. I am now searching for some more suitable reasonably aged single malts. There is a huge scarcity on the market for them currently, but I have come across a source and should be able to add two single malts to the Christmas List, with hopefully more to follow.

      Mark Buckenham

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