Wed 12 May 2010

Love at First Bite


The Society’s Exhibition Viejo Oloroso DulceThey may come from opposite ends of Spain, but I can report love at first bite between The Society’s Exhibition Viejo Oloroso Dulce and a chunk of exceptionally good Picos Blue cheese.

The Sherry was originally uncorked to lubricate the chocolate mousse, which it eventually did to perfection, but we couldn’t wait that long! The nutty, raisiny character of the Oloroso really resonated with the creaminess and subtle mould of the Picos and though blue cheese and sweet wine almost invariably work, this is a combination I had not thought of trying. I will certainly try it again, and on purpose this time.

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  1. Leighton Davies says:

    I, too, experimented with The Society’s Exhibition Viejo Oloroso Dulce with a mature gorgonzola cremoso, when I had some left over from a light chocolate dessert. Absolutely delicious, and it would be a perfect match for saltier blue cheeses, also.

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