Thu 01 Jul 2010

Ribera Del Duero, Coca-Cola & Rafael Nadal


Rafael NadalThe picture quality may be poor, but here is No. 1 tennis player Rafael Nadal enjoying a glass of the excellent Bóhorquez, Ribera del Duero, at Cambio de Tercio Restaurant in London.

Drinking it alonside a bottle of coke bemused me somewhat, reminding me of a Japanese customer who regularly purchased Château Margaux 1982 (at London merchant Berry Bros when I worked there) because his wife loved adding coke to every glassful! At least Rafael has the decency to use a separate glass.

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  1. Johnny Norfolk says:

    With a bit of luck he may grow out of it.

  2. Jacqui Patience says:

    I’ve tried the Bohorquez and I agree its an absolutely cracking wine…not sure about mixing it with a bottle of coke though!

  3. Hugh Stirling says:

    Maybe that’s what Murray should try, perhaps substituting the Coke for Irn-Bru.

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