Mon 27 Sep 2010

2010 chez Alfred Gratien


The 2010 vintage is in full swing in Champagne. Last Friday, the team at Alfred Gratien where having breakfast when I got there to taste some of the first grape musts. Breakfast was at 9.00, a welcome break for the staff who had begun their day at 7.00 or earlier, and France being France, it was all washed down with a glass of non-vintage!

Gratien Breakfast

As for 2010, so far so good. Though mid-August rains were not making it easy. The two musts showed here, were both from the family Jaeger vineyards. The lighter chardonnay was from Le Mesnil on the Côte de Blancs and the deeper coloured meunier from Reuil from the Marne Valley. Both samples were being analysed for specific gravity and acidity. Both tasted very well too and are now in barrel, fermenting into wine which in three years time will be Champagne.

Gratien Musts 2010

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