Mon 06 Sep 2010

Moon Theories in Wine


Nowadays a tasting doesn’t go by without mention of lunar cycles, moon phases, constellations and so on. There appears to be a growing belief amongst some in the trade that the rhythm of the moon and its effect on gravity influences the taste of wine. The basis of this is the Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar which categorises days as fruit, flower, leaf or root days, and is used successfully by Biodynamic growers around the world. Apparently, wine tastes better on fruit and flower days.

Biodynamic Phases

(Incidentally, there is no precise scientific explanation as to why biodynamics produces such good wine; my theory is that growers who farm biodynamically, such as Huet and Zind-Humbrecht, are so committed to their vineyards that this extra discipline, care and attention translates into riper, healthier and higher quality fruit).

But back to wine tasting and drinking. Surely it is merely pseudo-science to claim the moon can influence the taste of wine? Of course the same wine can be more or less expressive on different occasions but I would argue that atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature, as determined by weather patterns, might have a greater effect on people and fluid, or just what you ate the night before (curry?).

Members wishing to test the theory might note that the following September days are fruit & flower days (the best time to drink wine)- 8th (6pm-10pm), 12th to 17th inclusive, 20th (pm) to 22nd (am), 26th, 27th (am) and 30th (pm). Do let us know how you get on.

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