Tue 28 Sep 2010

The Spice is Right


Château de Berrye’s Saumur Blanc 2002
Looking for a mature white that can cope brilliantly with a mild-to-medium chicken curry? Look no further than Château de Berrye’s Saumur Blanc 2002. Labelled as “sec” and coded 2 on the current List, it delivers enough residual sweetness to massage those tastebuds after an onslaught of ginger, cardamom, cumin and garlic. But there again the best food matches are often happy accidents, as was the case here when a chilled bottle was grabbed from the fridge for an impromptu feast. As with all good chenin, it has excellent acidity, so add as much thick yoghurt, butter, cream, or ghee as you like. Also, as with all good chenin, it ages beautifully. This is now eight years old, and brings new and positive meaning to the phrase “no spring chicken …”.

Categories : Loire

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