Fri 11 Mar 2011

A Society Wedding


Edit: This post concerns The Society’s Wedding & Gift List service. Though The Society will continue to honour existing Gift Lists, members can no longer request to set up their own Gift Lists.

Gill & Michael WiseWith the forthcoming royal nuptials dominating the press and the summer months around the corner, we thought we’d remind readers planning their own celebrations about The Society’s free and easy-to-use Wedding & Gift List Service.

Below the first member to use the service, Gill Wise from The Wine Society’s Member Services team, talks about the gift list she and her husband made for their big day and the wines they’re still enjoying as a result.

My equally wine-loving husband and I were married last August. We were combining two households’ worth of possessions, so as well as buying the wines for the day itself from The Society we decided to set up a Gift List for our guests to choose some wines for our wedding presents.

Gill's WeddingPutting the list together was a lot of fun, and we ended up choosing a real mixture of wines. Some of our guests ordered from these choices, while others opted to get us online gift vouchers, allowing us even greater freedom to choose the wines we wanted. We felt this combination gave us the best of both worlds, and we decided to leave a few cases of special bottles we’d been given in Members’ Reserves to enjoy later.

Being able to withdraw cases in this way is particularly pleasant, as in many ways it feels like receiving the present all over again – a feeling difficult to replicate with a toaster or kettle!

It was also lovely to receive a complimentary bottle of Champagne from The Society, which really set the mood for the occasion.

The Society's ChampagneFor me, the beauty of the service was its flexibility. Guests enjoyed choosing whether to buy an online voucher or something specific, and we were glad of the option to take the wine immediately or to keep all or some of it in storage.

Most of the wines we kept in Members’ Reserves were Italian reds, which go beautifully with food. We’ve even shared some wines with the guests who bought them for us over dinner, and it’s always nice to see the look on their faces when we tell them they’re the people to thank for the bottle we’re enjoying. We would recommend a Society Gift List to anyone with something to celebrate, and I would certainly use the service again for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions in the future.

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