Fri 11 Nov 2011

No weak links


Congratulations to The Society’s Head of Tastings & Events Ewan Murray for a sterling performance in Wednesday’s episode of the BBC’s The Weakest Link (still available via the Beeb’s iPlayer for those that missed it).

Correct spelling, detailed knowledge of ladies’ hair styling, lightning mental arithmetic and sagacious ‘banking’ saw Ewan scoop the winnings. He describes host Anne Robinson (aka the ‘Queen of Mean’) as ‘lovely, and not at all like her on-screen persona’; we’re not sure what Anne made of Ewan however after he likened her on the show to ‘a New World riesling – fragrant but with a streak of acidity’ or a mature red Burgundy that ‘is still fruity but beginning to show its age’!

Ewan says he will be donating a proportion of his winnings to World Vision’s work in Lideta, Ethiopia, and spending the remainder on a treat for the family.

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