Thu 29 Mar 2012

Bordeaux 2011: An Update


There has been little written so far on the quality and style of the 2011 vintage in Bordeaux. However good some of the wines turn out to be, its almost inevitable fate is that it will be overshadowed by the much lauded 2010 and 2009 which preceded it. We prefer to keep our counsel until we have tasted the wines, which are currently being prepared for a week of trade and journalist tastings just before Easter.

The Wine Society Bordeaux team will be three this year – Sebastian and myself as usual, plus our new Head of Buying, Tim Sykes (in what will be only his third week with us; there’s dedication for you – I’m not sure he realises what he is letting himself in for!).

This first week will include visits to all the first growths, and tastings of many of the other, often most sought-after wines, all potential candidates for our first Opening Offer this year (see our website for details on changes to our Bordeaux Opening offer process for 2012).

We go back for more on 16th April, to ensure that we have tasted, at least once, as usual, any wine which we later decide to offer en primeur. I am just finalising our two visit programmes and starting to look forward to this year’s marathon, despite the prospect of taster’s teeth for the Easter weekend! We will keep you posted on the campaign from our perspective, and on our Opening Offers as they take shape.

Joanna Locke MW
Buyer, Bordeaux


  1. Laurence Measey says:

    Thank you so much for the hard work and dedication that you wine buyers make each year since 1982 and, though I can no longer afford the 2nd growths that I used to buy, I have followed the advice of the buyers who are rarely wrong in their summation.
    I have had a few opportunities to taste wines out of the barrel and have to concentrate so hard to work out the balance and probable maturation flavours. To apply this discipline to many wines in a session requires both deication and great expertise.
    Good luck with the 2011 vintage and please continue to keep sharp eye out for great value that show the beauty of Bordeaux.

  2. Richard Boyce says:

    Tim you’re a star. Must be a real trial having to sample all those first growths. If it gets to be a little too much for you, you have my e-mail address; I’m happy to step in. Good luck with the teeth folks!

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