Wed 04 Apr 2012

A Few Words From Bordeaux


Shiny new (and rather Dalek-like) tanks, waiting to go into their new home at Château Palmer?s cellar.

Two and a half days into this year’s Primeurs tastings and over 250 wines sampled (mostly left bank) so far. The best have bright fruit and freshness, and some show real charm.

It’s the producer – more precisely the vigneron – that counts this year; far more than location, appellation, or classification. It is no surprise that those who walked their vineyards and acted early on the vagaries of the growing season, and who could then afford to wait for ripeness, have made the best wines.

It looks unlikely to be much of an investors? vintage; it could be a good ‘drinkers’ vintage, if – and it remains a big if – prices are correct. Our purchases will be a tight selection this year, and we’ll taste a lot more wines, including several numerous times, in order to finalise our Opening Offer which is due to be published in June.

As mentioned, we will be offering the 30 or so most sought-after wines from this vintage in a different way this year, requiring members to pre-order the wines. For more information, please refer to our website.

Joanna Locke MW
Buyer, Bordeaux


  1. Ashley Jones Sh. No. 131013 says:

    I would like to know what has prompted the change for ordering the most sought after wines this year?

    I prefer all wines to be offered together as I have a limited budget and my dilemma is whether to buy 1 better case – this possibly could be from the top 30 wines – or to buy 2-3 cases of cheaper wines which are more readily drinkable. If I don’t see them all together I have to make a choice without knowing all the options available.

  2. Matthew Kirk says:

    Thanks for your comment. We are trying to better balance our purchasing with the requirements from members, particularly with the top 30 wines where the impact of getting it wrong is greatest – either in not buying enough to meet members’ demand or in having too much expensive claret left over if we get it wrong. It does mean that there will be two offers this year (as there were in the last 2 years) which we acknowledge means that the members will have to choose whether to order the first set of wines (the most sought after ones) before knowing the wines or prices for the remainder of the wines. When we decided this approach, we believed – and still do – that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.
    Matthew Kirk (Head of Marketing)

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