Thu 17 May 2012

An Invitation From The Committee


Are you a member of The Society with a particular interest in digital communications (either professionally or personally)?

If so, we would be particularly interested in hearing from you.

Several times a year the Committee arranges informal meetings with groups of members. These provide a great opportunity to hear what a sample of members think about The Society and for members and Committee to meet one another ? both highly appropriate functions of a co-operative organisation owned by its members.

Our digital offerings constitute a large part of our current development plan, and we would like to gather as many members as possible to discuss them (be it our website, app, social media presence and potential other channels) over a glass of something interesting.

The meetings will take place on the 5th and 9th July in Central London in the early evening.

If you would be interested in taking part, please contact us at, quoting your share number and which of the dates you could make.

If you can?t make it but would like to send your views on our digital future, please also send an e-mail to the address above with your thoughts.

Sarah Evans

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  1. Robert Price says:

    I commented some time ago that the Society should offer a paperless option for receiving all Society information. This would save an enormous amount of paper costs and postage. I would be happy to receive all communication from the Society electronically.

    I also find it strange that one has to phone an order in when buying from Montreuil – surely this could be done online?

  2. Rob Plant says:

    Any plans for an Android version of the Society’s app?
    I’d have probably managed to get my latest order in a few weeks earlier if I could tinker with an app during my daily commute…

    • Martin Brown says:

      Thanks for your comment, Rob. Yes, the Android version is on its way – it’s in the testing stage at present.

  3. Peter Clarke says:

    Some time ago (probably over a year ago) I sent an email requesting the Society to stop sending me things in the post as I never use the paper copies and just recycle them. I receive all the emails and Tweets etc. I was told that that would be done, however I still get stuff in the post. I recommended looking at how BBR does this because I can login and select which types of items I receive by post and which by email so I have been able to switch off all the post and this without any effort on BBR’s part other than to have the site set up.

    As Mr Price says this would save a fortune in printing and postage costs.

  4. As a mutual we need to be inclusive but the opt out of paper is one that should be offered. We are becoming increasingly digital and you or I will not stop that even if we wanted to. The i-phone app is really excellent. I use it most for food and wine matching. For ordering I tend to use phone but now no longer fax as I have stopped that line of comms now.

  5. Chris Hewson says:

    These meetings sound like an excellent idea, although I assume that travel would not be re-embursed. I only mention this as you’re likely to get a very London-centric audience otherwise.

    P.S. Agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed re: paper opt-outs above.

    • Thank you for your comment. Reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed. Please discuss with Gill Tyler on the e-mail above ( before attending the meeting.

  6. David Waller says:

    Glad the Android app is on the way.

    I would suggest that a summary of the meetings should appear here to elicit further comments and gauge support for ideas.

  7. Bill Ball says:

    Good luck updating our digital offering from an old dinosaur, even though I’ll probably only get into apps about 2020! I usually order online these days, to know what’s in stock, but much prefer the paper lists and leaflets to choose from in first place. I have far too much screen reading to do already (and it’s a migraine trigger), and paper is much easier. However I agree there’s too much of it, for me 2 or 3 lists per year would suffice rather than 4 or 5. I’d be more than happy to get an email saying new list was available, if clicking on a simple link meant it arived in post a few days later, and not clicking saved the Society money.

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