Tue 24 Jul 2012


La Migoua vineyard at Domaine Tempier

The story of modern Bandol is inextricably linked to Domaine Tempier. As with so many vineyards of France, phylloexera had been devastating and when growers came to replant, their choice of grape varieties were based on economic needs rather than on quality. But then came a new star, Lucien Peyraud who married a Tempier and as a wedding gift was not only given the family estate to run but also some precious pre-phylloxera Bandol to taste. The effect must have been amazing and Lucien would for the rest of his life, devote his energies to Bandol, creating the appellation around the mourvèdre grape that had been unwisely abandoned.

The finest expression of Bandol is undoubtedly red but the rosé is vitally important too, providing a delicious, food-friendly wine with an ability to refresh the palate like none other.

The 2011 Tempier Rosé is delicious: a fine vintage, maybe a touch fuller than the 2010.

And so to the railway.

The TGV, undoubtedly one of the greatest rail projects of all time, very effectively links Paris to the Midi, but only as far as Marseille. It was always intended that a line would be built to Nice. A glance at the map shows just how difficult this is likely to be and for the moment plans will bring the line straight across the vineyard of Bandol. The growers have been there before. One of Lucien Peuraud?s last missions was to stop the motorway. Then he failed but times have changed and the building costs are likely to be huge. And the state coffers are a little empty?

Hopefully Mr Hollande?s favourite tipple is Bandol.

Marcel Orford-Williams
Society buyer


  1. Jerry W says:

    Railways, even TGV ones, have a *far* lighter environmental impact than a motorway. The latter use four times as much area of land, or more, eg at junctions, and the noise carries further and is incessent.

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