Wed 26 Sep 2012

Keeping up with the Joneses


Domaine Jones Collines Catalanes 2010While on holiday in the Languedoc recently we crossed the wilds of Corbières to visit Katie Jones in Tuchan, the heart of Fitou-land.

Katie’s had an incredible couple of years: in 2009 she left her marketing job for the local wine co-operative with a plan to study winemaking. With a little help from her friends, including her ingeniously practical partner Jean Marc, rather than enrolling on a course she set herself up to make her first vintage from her Maury vineyards that same year. Her 2010 Fitou has just won the Fitou Trophy at the IWC awards.

The wine of hers that bowled me over however, was her white which almost didn’t happen. When purchasing the vineyard only at the eleventh hour did she find out that it was grenache gris, a grape of which she had no experience of and not the grenache noir that she was expecting.

The gamble paid off, the result is seriously classy: the fresh melon and pear fruit flavours are balanced with a subtle use of oak for an elegant food-friendly wine. Great for dinner parties (try with risotto or scallops) and well worth a go if you’re stuck in a white wine rut. I think this wine would suit both sauvignon and Mâcon lovers.

Louisa Peskett

Domaine Jones, Collines Catalanes, 2010 is available for £14.95

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  1. John Payne says:

    I believe it was 2009 that my wife and I spent an enjoyable couple of hours tasting Mont Tauch wines in the prestigious co-operative showroom. The staff were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable; possibly Katie was still with the co-operative at that time. Her subsequent success is to be applauded.
    All trace of Mont Tauch co-operative wines has disappeared from my radar, no doubt as a consequence of the fraud they were victim of. Is it still in existence and when next in that part of the world, is the tasting facility still there?

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