Wed 19 Dec 2012

Blending The Society’s Bordeaux Sauvignon


Blending The Society's Bordeaux SauvignonThe prime reason for my visit to Bordeaux this week, earlier than usual, and usefully so, in a vintage when white volumes are down and there will be greater competition for the best wines.

A shortlist of 13 samples was tasted and re-tasted, whittled down from around 30 the previous day by people far more qualified than me to assess wines at this early stage.

The overall standard was good to high with no vineyard faults to cause concern. In the best wines there is no shortage of gras (literally fat, or body) this year. The challenge was to find sufficient freshness and structure for the longer haul, in this case into early 2014.

All sauvignon blanc, the samples came from a variety of sources around Bordeaux, including co-ops and growers. The advantage of blending from different sources is that greater complexity can be achieved, as well as higher quality, using the remarkably different examples to create a wine with better balance and keeping potential than any individual sample would deliver on its own.

Jo Locke MW
Society Buyer

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