Mon 25 Mar 2013

Anniversary Tales: sharing memories of The Society in France


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Memories of the Tee & Taste event

This year marks the 20th anniversary of a Wine Society presence in the north of France. From a collection point at the Ryssen distillery, to our own shop in the market town of Hesdin to our own showroom in Montreuil-sur-Mer, our French operation has survived and flourished thanks to the enthusiasm and support of members.

The dinners organised by our tastings and events team have played a core role in this success and this year, to celebrate, we have organised a number of special Tour de France wine dinners and members purchasing from our Montreuil showroom before the end of May will have an opportunity to win tickets to one of them. 

Over the years we have hosted many successful events in France, ranging from themed dinners to golf tournaments, treasure hunts, chocolate tastings and son-et-lumière performances. Not only have they proved highly popular but members and staff alike have often returned with many a good tale to tell. Some of these are recounted in the April edition of Societynews and we would love to hear more from members about their experiences of visiting The Society in France, whether attending an event or not. We would especially like to see photos or video clips of your visit to France. 

Perhaps you have a particular restaurant or hotel that you would like to tell other members about? Have you been to any memorable places of interest in the surrounding area? 

Please add your comments to this blog post or send in your contributions to the news editor at or at our usual address. 

There will be prizes of bottles of Champagne for the best entries and we may use photos on the covers of our French wine lists. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. David Banford says:

    Are there any Wine Society members who have used their visit to Montreuil to also go to the Agincourt Battlefield?

    I am taking a group of 12 members to the battlefield on September 14th on a day trip from Lydd Airport via Le Touquet.

    Any recommendations? We plan a visit to the showroom after we have had lunch at Chateau de Montreuil, before return to Lydd at 5.30pm. A long day methinks!

  2. Tom Bennett says:

    Different times but the Brits did not behave very well at Azincourt. I would visit the showroom first, then have a proper lunch at the Chateau, a wander around Montreiul then collect your wine and taxi back to Le Touquet. A much more relaxed day!

  3. Angela Bird says:

    Hi David,
    I fear you might be a bit optimistic about cramming all that into one day (especially with a “proper lunch”), unless you have an eye-wateringly early start.
    Le Touquet airport to Azincourt looks to be about an hour by road (I presume you will have a minibus or similar). You’d probably need a couple of hours there at battlefield and visitor centre, so that’s three hours gone BEFORE driving back (45min) to Montreuil for lunch.
    Maybe consider visiting Montreuil and the Wine Society first, have early lunch, THEN drive to Azincourt, and from there head straight back to the airport for your plane?


  4. Ewan Murray says:

    As the man who spent 9 years overseeing the showroom & events in Hesdin, then Montreuil, I might recommend yet another way – early take off, arriving in Le Touquet before 9 a.m. (heure locale), drive to Azincourt (36 miles, just over an hour on those roads), do the battlefield & museum (which opens at 10) til 12.30. lunch at Restaurant Charles VI in Azincourt itself until 2, then mosey back to Le Touquet via the Montreuil showroom.

  5. David Banford says:

    Thanks to Ewan and all others who have provided much help. Do you have a comment on what lunch what be like at Chateau Montreuil in the garden – weather permitting? It looks quite attractive on the website, but it always does! Sounds like you would more recommend Charles VI at Azincourt.


    • Martin Brown says:

      Thanks for your comment, David. I’ve just spoken to the Tastings Team, who say:
      ‘For our event lunch, if the weather is very hot, is held on the terrace. Otherwise the aperitif is on the lawn, with lunch in the dining room. We’ve done it 3 times so far – inside, outside & inside. A smart 3-course meal & delicious wines to match.’
      Hope this is of help!

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