Wed 13 Mar 2013

Wine and Video: Seeing is Believing?


The USB wine tap: a beautifully simple idea.

A quick connection into the laptop or PC and a whole world of wine opens up beneath the fingertips, or indeed taste buds. With a built-in tap to dispense the wine being browsed on screen, such a device would revolutionise wine buying; the click-to-sip ratio would no doubt send delivery companies and wine drinkers into a frenzy, albeit for very different reasons.

If only such a device existed…which of course it doesn’t.

While the technology of winemaking has evolved hugely over the last century methods of wine communication have been somewhat slower. The written word still is still very much king (‘And rightly so!’ chorus my copywriter colleagues), be it in print or via digital media, and with such elegant exponents as Hugh Johnson, Jancis Robinson and, if I may mention in such hallowed company, our very own Janet Wynne Evans, who am I to disagree?

However, as fanciful as the idea of having wine-via-wireless is, we do have the next best thing: video.

We now have the chance to see for ourselves the many shades of gold, lemon, straw and the million and one other descriptors for white wine and to compare the brickish orange of a well-aged Rioja to the vibrant purples of a youthful new world shiraz. And of course we are able to find out others’ opinions on wines and, hopefully, better inform our own vinous choices.

In this short video Simon Mason, The Wine Society’s Tasting & Events manager, highlights two of the gems from the 2011 vintage for white Bordeaux and talks through the growing conditions as well as providing a few tips about serving temperature along the way.

Seeing is believing? You decide.

We hope you enjoy it.

Gareth Park
Marketing Campaign Manager for Bordeaux

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  1. Rigboy says:

    Video is where it’s at, and this is a good effort! Keep going and would also love to see behind the scenes footage from vineyards, interviews with winemakers, etc.

  2. westyallegro says:

    This is definitely the way forward and a pleasant change from the written word.

    Let’s have more please! Thanks.

  3. brian roberts says:

    I enjoyed this video and not too long. Such cameos could develop into a great way to introduce us all to new wine choices.

  4. Andrew says:

    I really like this idea – well presented and concise. I could almost taste the wines as they were being described!

  5. Annette says:

    I agree with Andrew. I appreciated the conciseness and I could almost taste the wines. Unfortunately, I could not then find the second one on the WIne Society web site or I would have purchased a bottle.

  6. Robin Smith says:

    Great development – perhaps next step is live tutored tasting of Society wines on Skype/FaceTime where questions could be asked. Could link this to Wine without Fuss scheme and/or latest offer in Society News?

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