Fri 19 Apr 2013

Spring Cleaning at Alfred Gratien


A big spring clean, as it turns out, to get this venerable company fit for 2014, when it will celebrate its 150th year in business.

In every wine house there is always a room set aside for old labels. As a record of a great wine house’s activities over the years, there is nothing quite like it short of the bottles themselves. There is nothing simple about labels as it is much more than just the name of the wine and the producer. There are legal requirements and these will change according to where the wine is being sold, so one wine may need half a dozen labels or more, and most houses will keep records of every one.

The label room at Alfred Gratien did need, in all honesty, a little bit of sorting out and at last, as part of the extensive transformation at the Château Gratien site above the Loire in Saumur, that has come.

The result is that they have found The Wine Society’s very first label dating back to the 1906 vintage:

1906 Gratien label with The Wine Society’s stamp

Marcel Orford-Williams
Champagne Buyer

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  1. J Millar says:

    Sounds like an opportunity for a special retro labeling ahead of 2014…

    • Richard Connell says:

      A small framed or frameable reproduction would make its way on to
      my ‘Christsmas & other events’ gift list along with a bottle of Gratien.

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