Wed 22 May 2013

National Vegetarian Week


National Vegetarian WeekThis is National Vegetarian Week, as I learn from the website of my veg-box provider. I’m new to the veg-box thing and am still finding the novelty of receiving a crate of goodies once a week tremendously exciting. I know that I have paid for it (and, some might say, paid over the odds too) but somehow it still feels like a gift and although you can find out beforehand what is to be delivered I much prefer the element of surprise.

I’m only on my second box and it is one of the best times of the year for seasonal produce, so I hope you’ll forgive the gushing tones of a veg-box neophyte! I hope too that subscribers to Wine Without Fuss, our regular delivery scheme of mixed boxes of wine experience a similar euphoria on the arrival of each case.

So to celebrate National Vegetarian Week, I thought I’d share two recipes which make a regular appearance in our house and have gone down well with visiting veggie friends. Even those that have declared a dislike for some of the ingredients (namely beetroot and broad beans).

The first recipe, a lentil salad with goat’s curd, roasted beetroot and asparagus comes from Bill Granger’s book, Sydney Food and despite the inclusion of several vinicidal ingredients goes remarkably well with a bottle of zingy New Zealand sauvignon blanc or indeed one of the new wave Iberian whites; I particularly like the Portuguese Qunita da Espiga Branco, Lisboa, 2012 which seems to be able to cope with most things.

The second recipe, a broad bean couscous, is from Sam and Sam Clark, chef-owners of the wonderful Moro restaurant. Once again, on the face of it, this recipe might not sound that forgiving when it comes to happy vinous marriages, but I have found that Italian whites like fiano or grechetto, or my favourite, falanghina, have what it takes to stand up to richness of the garlic and yoghurt dressing and the earthy sweetness of the broad beans.

View the recipes in the recipe section of the Wine World & News pages on our website.

Here too you can read more about matching wine with tricky ingredients in Tastebud Terrors, a series of articles from specialist wine manager Janet Wynne Evans.

You can find out more about Wine Without Fuss, our vinous version of the veg-box scheme here.

Joanna Goodman
News Editor

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