Fri 21 Jun 2013

Wir sind ein Stevenager

The original menu served to John F. Kennedy in June 1963

The original menu for JFK in June 1963

It was 50 years ago this weekend that President John F. Kennedy made his famous speech at the Brandenburg Gate. The menu (pictured), while bound with decorative cord, bore no culinary frills – smoked salmon, grilled chicken, strawberries, cheese platter. Wines on the menu that day included Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt’s Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Riesling Spätlese.

To celebrate the anniversary, after his own Brandenburg Gate speech on 19th June, President Obama was presented with a bottle of the same wine, but from the 2011 vintage.

As Annegret Reh-Gartner from von Kesselstatt says: “Proof that our wines are still memorable after 50 years!”

Our buyer for Germany Sebastian Payne MW blogged here about The Society’s Saar Riesling, made for us by von Kesselstatt, and The Society currently stocks a further six wines from this excellent estate.


Ewan Murray
PR Manager

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  1. David Ling says:

    Bien vu Ewan… et “Zundheit” (sic) in Alsatian.. ;o)
    Fine wine brings people together, n’est-ce pas ?
    Cheers David

  2. Linda Baxter says:

    On 26 June 1963, President John F Kennedy made his famous “ich bin ein Berliner” speech, not at the Brandenburg Gate, but in front of the town hall in Schöneberg, in the American Sector, on Rudolf-Wilde-Platz.

    Three days after his assassination this square was renamed John-F-Kennedy-Platz.

    • Ewan Murray says:

      Thank you for the correction – the Brandenburg Gate is in fact an hour’s walk away from Rathaus Schöneberg.

  3. Bill George says:

    I was told by a German colleague that a ‘Berliner’ is a doughnut so President Kennedy’s statement was received with a certain amount of humour, but I guess that is no worse that saying “Ich bin ein Frankfurter”!!

    • Ewan Murray says:

      Or even a Hamburger! I think it depends where you live in Germany. A Berliner is known as a Krapfen in Berlin, I believe, so the amusement was extra-mural (if you forgive the pun…)

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