Thu 25 Jul 2013

It Takes More Than a Power Cut To Stop a Wine Society Tasting


Our free monthly tastings in the Showroom have always proved popular with members coming to Stevenage, irrespective of the theme. The most recent took on an added theme when a power cut plunged us into darkness five minutes before the start of the tasting.

With The Cellar Showroom resembling, well, a cellar, quick thinking was needed and to avoid making a drama out of a crisis, not to mention disappointing members, we attempted some improvisation. With tasting tables and wine moved outside to the car park, those attending were treated to an impromptu alfresco wine tasting.

Cellar Showroom Tasting

Cellar Showroom Tasting

Cellar Showroom Tasting

Mercifully, the sun was shining, and as such, the delicate refreshing nature of our new Prosecco and the lower-alcohol charms of The Society’s Vinho Verde were well received; likewise the thirst-quenching minerality of the Gaba do Xil Godello.

Our new chillable Chilean red, Miguel Torres Reserva de Pueblo Cepa País, proved popular – though keeping it chilled proved a challenge! The rich, smooth, blackberry-infused Ravenswood Lodi Old-Vine Zinfandel was a barbecue-friendly favourite.

Thankfully, power returned shortly after this tasting ended. It was almost as if it realised an earlier arrival would have ruined a truly unique experience. We are as confident as we can be that we have seen the back of the recent power outages, with mobile generators currently on site in the event of any further problems. Thanks to our members for your understanding and patience.

Conrad Braganza
The Cellar Showroom

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