Wed 07 Aug 2013

Video of Recent Hail in Burgundy


We don’t see much hail in Stevenage so I often struggle to imagine how isolated storms can wreak such havoc in vineyards.

We reported in June how Vouvray had been hit followed by similar news from Champagne and just last Friday a 10-minute hailstorm is reported to have devastated some 20,000 hectares in Bordeaux.

I got a true taste of the violence of such storms last month when the heavens opened as we accompanied a group of members back from a visit in Chablis to our base in Beaune.

Turn the volume up to get the full impact. The noise was deafening.

The good news for wine drinkers is that often a bit of hail can improve quality as the grapes that survive the onslaught can go on to produce excellent wines. But it’s obviously a tragedy for the growers who work so hard on their vines and have to stand helplessly by and watch the destruction ensue.

The storm was a small blip in an otherwise excellent tour of Burgundy. Watch this space for a full report…

Paul Trelford
Head of Copy

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  1. Trevor says:

    You might not get hailstones in Stevenage, but just before xmas here in Ringwood the hail was so strong it punctured every panel of our conservatory polycarbonate roof and also of our corrugated patio roof. Fortunately LVE paid for complete replacement, but it was a good job I had not started my next project, a trailing vine under the patio roof.

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