Thu 08 Aug 2013

Painted Wolf’s African Cycle Adventure


Painted Wolf Cycle RideWe have talked before about our ‘champion’ winemakers. The latest, and in my book with ‘super champion’ status, is Jeremy Borg of Painted Wolf Wines, producer of the Rosalind Pinotage Rosé and The Den Pinotage (which returns, along with a couple of other Painted Wolf wines, for our offer of South African wines in September).

Jeremy and his English wife, Emma, met through wildlife conservation work in Africa and have continued this good work by supporting efforts to protect the African Wild Dogs or ‘painted wolves’ which feature on all their labels. Jeremy himself would admit that he has not been as dedicated to fitness, but that all changed last year when he undertook a fundraising bike ride in the depths of Africa. This year’s ride took place in June, with two kids in tow, and Emma driving the support vehicle, and included a visit to a village school which produced these memorable pictures.

Take a look at the Pedals 4 Paws website to find out more about the rides and the charity.

Jo Locke MW
Society Buyer for South Africa

Painted Wolf Cycle Ride 2

Painted Wolf Cycle Ride 4

Painted Wolf Cycle Ride 3

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