Thu 10 Oct 2013

England 2013 Harvest: An Update from Ridgeview and Three Choirs


Mardi Roberts, Ridgeview, Sussex:

Grapes at Ridgeview

Grapes at Ridgeview

2013 has been a fantastic growing season for Ridgeview.
We began the year with delayed budburst due to quite a cold winter; the benefit of the delay was that this lessened the period that we were at risk of frost. We had a very warm start to the summer which meant that we had perfect conditions for flowering, resulting in a fantastic and very even fruit set.

The good weather has carried right through the season giving us lovely clean bunches with above average yields which are ripening very nicely. We will expect to harvest our Ridgeview grapes on or around the 14th of October which is consistent with previous harvest dates.
Our anticipation is that the 2013 vintage will be of very good size, excellent quality with both sugar and acidity levels in harmony for what we consider perfect for bottle-fermented sparkling wine.

Martin Fowke, Three Choirs, Gloucestershire:

Three Choirs vineyard

Three Choirs vineyard

Things are looking good at Three Choirs, although the harvest is much later than we have become used to in recent years. We have only just started picking, which is about two weeks later than average. This is due primarily to the very late start to the season, and the fact that we have a bigger crop on the vine to ripen.
The weather is holding up quite well, temperatures are still good, especially when the sun comes out, and the nights are not going too low. The crop is clean, and looks like it will hang for a while. The acid balance in the grape looks to be good this year, and so we are optimistic that the quality of the 2013 wines will be good. As we have had low yields for several years, this increased volume will help to fill the cellar up again! So the feeling is that we have an excellent quality/quantity balance!

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