Wed 23 Oct 2013

The Great Sherry Festival


Conrad Braganza, The Cellar Showroom’s fine wine adviser, says it’s time that sherry stepped out from behind the trifle and got the recognition it deserves. He’ll be opening up some of his favourite bottles in the Showroom over the rest of the week.

Sherry never ceases to excite my vinous passion. A wine of such diversity, versatility and quality should not be confined to an occasional festive appearance. So when the Sherry Institute promoted its inaugural Great Sherry Festival this month I was only too happy to lend it my full support.

A layer of flor yeast prevents fino sherry from oxidising

A layer of flor yeast prevents fino sherry from oxidising

So, for the rest of the week, in addition to the wines available to taste via the Showroom’s Enomatic machines, there will also a selection of sherries to try that we feel epitomise the amazing range of styles, and breath-taking quality, the wines of Jerez offer wine lovers.

Members will be able to taste a true gamut of styles, from the excellent-value Society’s Fino, the perfect aperitif, to Manzanilla Pasada, an aged sherry with the concentration to handle a shellfish stew or seared tuna steak. Discover The Society’s Exhibition Viejo Oloroso, a dry aromatic wine that complements hard cheeses, or unctuous fig-infused Pedro Ximénez, a wine to turn simply fried chicken livers into a midweek treat or can contrast beautifully when poured over vanilla ice-cream.

The affinity that sherry has with food, coupled with the plethora of palate pleasures it offers, makes it a perfect wine regardless of your occasion. It’s has long been time for sherry to step out from behind the trifle and declare itself one of the world’s great wines.

We hope you can join me in fighting the good fight.


  1. Conrad, that’s all brilliant but when will the society offer a mixed sherry tasting case? I’m sure an introductory 6 bottle selection (or even better half bottles) would be a winner and most other wines seem to get this sort of offering.
    I feel a Friday lunchtime Fino coming on!


  2. Paul Berry says:

    We bought one of these society sherry tasting cases some twenty years ago for some dinner party fun with friends, but drank it all ourselves. Enjoyable, yes, yet very educational.

    This is so difficult to do on mobile android.

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