Tue 03 Dec 2013

Twelve Wines for Twelve Days


The Cellar Showroom here in Stevenage has had the decorations up for a while now, welcoming members to a wonderful selection of festive wine and foods.

showroom xmas

Festive food in our Cellar Showroom in Stevenage

As the season to be jolly is rapidly approaching, here’s my vinous version of the Twelve Days of Christmas which, who knows, may give you some ideas for wines to go with the festive fare that is on the way.

Twelve Guntrum-mers Guntrum-ming

Eleven vin de Paille-pers Paille-ping

Ten(uous) Frogs-a-Leaping

Nine First Ladies Dancing

Eight Méd(oc)s-a-Milking

Seven Joseph Swans-a-Swimming

Six Heggies-a-Laying

Five Goldcap Rieslings

noel montreuil

Snow-laden Montreuil-sur-Mer, home of The Society’s showroom in France

Four Collioure Birds

Three French Full Reds

Two Turtle Duvals

And a Mas Champartridge in a Pear Tree.


Have a very happy Christmas.

May your days be Maury and bright.

Ewan Murray
PR Manager

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