Thu 30 Jan 2014

Cellar Surprises: Burgundy In South Africa


Savigny Marconnets 1966 Wine Society bottling

This Wine Society bottling of 1966 Savigny Marconnets was proffered by friend and supplier Richard Kelley (whom some members may know better under his moninker of ‘Rick The Cape Crusader’, used for The Liberator wines), who was my usual guide for several days on my last trip to South Africa.

His generous habit is to travel with a mixed case of interesting bottles from his own cellar for the benefit of friends and colleagues in the local wine industry where such bottles are rare and the thirst for vinous experience is insatiable.

This particular bottle, purchased as part of a mixed case at auction (another of Richard’s habits, which he tells me yields more happy surprises than bad ones), was included for my benefit, and that of our generous hosts on this beautiful early summer’s evening.

Served blind it threw us not just on age but on origin, too (though these were the days of a little enhancement with something from further south!). The wine had clearly coasted through its recent long haul flight and was absolutely delicious, all the more so for the occasion and the kindness shared.

Jo Locke MW
Society Buyer


  1. Guy D says:

    The long-term cellaring of Burgundy is something it would be great to see a blog post on. Two years ago I hugely enjoyed a 1983 Savigny Lavieres from Tollot-B, and it was lovely. It’s amazing how long even modest Burgundies sometimes seem able to age, and how wonderful they can become.

    • Martin Brown says:

      Thanks very much for the suggestion – I will pass this on to the buyers. In the meantime, look out for a piece from our Burgundy buyer, Toby Morrhall, on winemaking in Burgundy in the next edition of our newsletter and online, which may be of interest.
      Best wishes,
      Martin Brown
      The Wine Society

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