Thu 09 Jan 2014

Mosel Bridge Update


Mosel High Bridge constructionWe have written on this blog in the past about the controversial plans to build a 500ft-high bridge and four-lane motorway between Zeltingen-Rachtig and Ürzig, passing through some of the most prestigious vineyards in Germany’s beautiful Mosel.

The proposals were met with fierce resistance from growers and wine lovers alike, yet seemingly to no avail. However, a recent leak of an official geological document to Der Spiegel has resulted in a flurry of speculation in the media about whether the €130 million project will indeed go ahead due to doubts regarding safety.

An apparent lack of sufficiently rigorous testing on the Ürzig slope has resulted in fresh concerns about the stability of the terrain, and revealing that the bridge’s pillars will need to be built into a known landslide area.

Harald Ehses, the director of the state office for geology, has given his own full and frank view on the revelations, telling the press that ‘more than a decade ago we pointed out that this slope is unsuitable’ and advocating a far more detailed study of the site. Whether this will occur to a degree that satisfies Ehses remains doubtful, yet campaigners against the project believe that these revelations and subsequent press interest offer fresh hope that the bridge will not be built after all.

More information can be found on and Decanter.

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