Mon 20 Jan 2014

Postcard From Chile: Picoroco


This is the oddest thing I have eaten.


It is delicious with a taste in between a scallop, brown crab meat and a clam. Called picoroco in Chile, it’s a giant barnacle (austromegabalanus psittacus).


It is often served in seafood stews over there. It can be boiled or steamed but the best way to cook it is to put it on the barbecue and pour a few drops of white wine into the cavity. It squirts out juice when ready, like a mini volcano erupting.


Pull out the claw and the edible part is attached to it. There’s not much meat but it’s delicious.


While you can’t find this in England at the time of writing, a perfect accompaniement would be our first sparkling wine from Chile, Subercaseaux, named after Don Melchor’s wife’s surname, a delicious pinot and chardonnay sparkling wine from Limarí.

Look out for this wine in our forthcoming South America offer, which will be available from 3rd February. Substitute grilled scallops for the picoroco!

Toby Morrhall
Society Buyer for South America

Stop press (5/2/14): our new South American offering is now available online until Sunday 2nd March.

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