Mon 24 Feb 2014

Video: The Society’s Tastings & Events


Have you ever thought about coming to one of The Society’s tastings? We hold over 100 annually, ranging from informal, walk-around tastings to gala dinners via tutored tastings, workshops and more.

You can see a full calendar on our website, but the Tastings Team has also put together this short video to give a flavour of what members coming to a Society tasting might expect. We hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Christopher Warman says:

    We wish you would have such introductions and tastings here in Ludlow! The tasting we attended in Cardiff about 2-3 years ago was not very interesting at all, and with wines we felt were disappointing.

    • Simon Mason says:

      Thanks for the comment and sorry to hear you found the Cardiff event disappointing. We do host events in Worcester which might be more convenient than Cardiff and whilst the event you mention was before my time, we do work hard to ensure that the wines we show are a varied and interesting selection and are in good condition for the event.
      It is very much part of my plan to offer a greater range and variety of events outside of London and Stevenage, and I do plan to run introduction session elsewhere in the country this year and next.
      Whilst I have many happy memories of visits to Ludlow, our tastings do all have to cover their costs and so we do tend to visit larger towns and cities that have a greater density of members which is why we have been unable to run events in Ludlow in recent years. That said, I will look again to see if we can put together an event that would meet this criteria.
      Simon Mason
      Head of Tastings & Events

  2. john knowles says:

    Having obtained a place to stay near London (son’s flat!). I thought I might try a wine soc tasting. All seem to be booked up when I looked. I’d like to know when bookings for the tastings first become available so I can get in early.

    • Martin Brown says:

      Thanks for your comment, Mr Knowles. The next Tastings & Events programme will be available online from the last week of March.
      Martin Brown
      The Wine Society

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