Tue 01 Apr 2014

A new range of wines from your Society


We are well-known at The Wine Society for our Society and our Exhibition ranges. Such has been the success of these two that we are now introducing a third-tier of  wines sporting our livery. The new Spitting Image range is, we believe, unique to The Society – no other wine company has had the skills, the appetite or the audacity to launch such a pioneering concept.

A sample straight from the 'spit lane'

A sample straight from the ‘spit lane’

All spittoons in our tasting room are each to be reserved for specific wine styles. While this will increase the number of spittoons, and hence require some initial investment, payback will be very quick as our buyers use, say, the Chianti spittoon or the German Riesling spittoon to either tip the remains of their glass into, or to spit into. The wine will be rebottled behind the scenes by our dedicated crew in the ‘Spit Lane’ – the corridor outside the tasting room – and labelled with a picture of the buyer who tasted, aerated and blended the wine.

Plans are already being made for joint efforts between two or more buyers – a Vin de France blend, a Buyers’ Favourites blend and a premium Wine Champions blend, for example.

The Society’s Spitting Image wines can be consumed with assurance and in the knowledge that you will be drinking exactly the same wine as our buyers. A true taste of The Society.

Ewan Murray
PR Manager


  1. Bill Guest says:

    Nice one!

  2. Richard Connell says:

    I could not care less.

  3. Pete Ford says:

    I think this is a superb idea. I’ll be placing orders as soon as I stop laughing. Thank you, it provided a good start to the day.

  4. Kevin Beaumont says:

    Excellent! I particularly liked the detail of the name of the production location.

  5. Colin Evans says:

    One of our Society’s less brilliant marketing ideas. Perhaps its reputation will be redeemed by today’s date!!

  6. Richard says:

    This is (I think?) “un poisson d’avril” ?

  7. Steve Connolly says:

    There is no information on prices – will we have to pay in Fool’s Gold!

  8. Tony Waite says:

    Nice one. Tres drole.

  9. Paul Frost says:

    Will it be best drunk immediately or for laying down? Lol

  10. Gerald Milner says:

    You could have fooled me!

  11. Alberto Padrini says:

    Why not go the whole way and create a Cuvé Vespasianus white..?

  12. Ronald Tye says:

    April Fool! I expect it will complement the BBC spaghetti from Switzerland

  13. Roger Mackenzie says:

    what a waste of bandwidth from a ‘serious’ Society.

  14. Bill George says:

    2 gentlemen talking in a barbers shop. One bemoans the removal of the spitoon.

    “I miss the old spitoon now its not here anymore”

    To which his friend replies.

    ” You always missed it when it was here”

    Boom Boom!

  15. Victor Maguire says:

    A little surprising and disappointing.

  16. David Ling says:

    Bravo for the poison d’avril… but a Cuvée Crâchoir might in fact be fun… shaken, stirred then swiftly poured down the drain before the Chancellor has had time to tax it… ;o)
    More power to your esteemed elbows mes amis… !

  17. Tony Simister says:

    This would work well for any Belgian wines.
    You can really tell they’re Phlegmish.

  18. Brett Jones says:


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