Fri 11 Apr 2014

Staff Choices: ‘You Don’t Have To Like Wine To Work Here, But It Helps’


Members often tell us that a recommendation or two can be useful, particularly in a range of some 1,500 wines. We’re always keen to share tips from others, be they from the press or indeed fellow members. As ever, our buyers continue to do their bit as well, and the 2014 Buyers’ Favourites offering will be available next week.

But throughout our 200-strong team, there can be found a healthy number of passionate wine lovers; indeed, several of my day-to-day workplace conversations and emails with colleagues will include some form of recommendation from our burgeoning cellars.

A few of the recent contributors to Staff Choice

A few of the recent contributors to Staff Choice from throughout The Wine Society.

With this in mind, we set up a Staff Choice panel on the homepage about a year ago, so that various members of staff could share a bottle they’ve particularly enjoyed – and tell us why they think Society members might too.

You can now also view our Staff Choices in one place online, with a new choice coming every two weeks. We hope you enjoy them!

Martin Brown
Digital Copywriter

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  1. JerryW says:

    need to keep the links up to date.. both the two I tried, the valpolicella ripasso and the one for Silbador, failed. Shame, as I think that the Silbador and Zarcillo gewurztraminers are the most tremendous value for money

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