Fri 09 May 2014

Horses at d’Arenberg: Trialling The Past


Bill and Monty at work in the vineyard

Bill and Monty at work in the vineyard

After a half-century absence from d’Arenberg’s vineyards in McLaren Vale, Australia, Clydesdale horses have returned as part of an experiment conducted by winemaker Chester Osborn.

Chester has earned a deserved reputation as one of Australia’s most forward-thinking winemakers, but this consciously backward-looking trial shows the profound influence past practices have at this winery.

In Chester’s own words, he wants the fruit ‘to be as close to nature as possible, a pure expression of its surroundings, where things like the soil, geology and age of the vines all impact the resulting wine.’

To that end, Bill and Monty have been signed up as the latest recruits and have been put to work in d’Arenberg’s ‘Beautiful View’ vineyard, the oldest grenache vineyard in the region.

You can see them at work in the below video with Chester and d’Arry Osbourne discussing the experiment. More from the team can be found at the d’Arenberg website.

The Beautiful View is an exceptional wine (we still have a few bottles of the 2009 vintage for sale should members wish to try for themselves), and we look forward to tasting the fruits of this experiment in the new vintage.

Our current Australia offer features a number of wines from d’Arenberg, and is available until Sunday 18th May while stocks last.

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