Fri 16 May 2014

Sauvignon Blanc Day: Any Excuse…


Today is officially Sauvignon Blanc Day.

Sauvignon Blanc grapesNational and international days seem to be popping up all over the place, but if the shoe fits…

What’s more, as The Society’s newly appointed buyer for New Zealand I feel this would be an opportunity missed not to highlight the wonderful options you have available to you with which to celebrate.

As it happens, New Zealand has just finished the 2014 harvest. Harvest reports are suggesting that the Marlborough sauvignon blanc crop this year is at all-time high levels. This is great on the one hand, as there should be plentiful volumes of sauvignon produced; however, on the other, much of this may be a little light, as rain at harvest and overloaded vines could lead to a dilution of the wonderful intensity associated with these wines.

This is why I have been tracking our favourite suppliers carefully over the last few weeks, and I am delighted that all have taken extra care this vintage to reduce their potential crop levels to ensure the delicious concentration we are used to.

Horses at work in the vineyard at Seresin

Horses at work in the vineyard at Seresin

Sauvignon ready for picking at Hunters

Sauvignon ready for picking at Hunters

Whilst we wait for them to arrive, we still have a great selection from the excellent 2013 vintage, which I humbly suggest would be just the thing for the current weather.

Hopefully you will join me this evening in having a glass or two of well-chilled sauvignon – it is, after all, ‘the day’!

Sarah Knowles
Society Buyer for New Zealand

If you would like to find out more about the 2013 Marlborough sauvignons, New Zealand-based wine writer Rebecca Gibb’s overview from earlier this year may be of interest.

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