Fri 13 Jun 2014

World Cup ‘Matches’


I appreciate sport may not be to everyone’s liking and that for some the current festival of football may seem more like an endurance test than a pleasurable way to spend a summer. (Don’t believe me? Just ask the other members of my household…).

To alleviate this problem, and save me from falling foul of my family (the penalty for which I am all too familiar with), I have resorted to what I feel I know best, namely food and wine. A look at the fixtures ahead reveals the meeting of 32 countries throws up a while host of culinary and beverage options.

So, as well as watching, I shall be eating and drinking football.

World Cup food and wine matchesHere are some of the World Cup ‘matches’ I am particularly looking forward to.

• The meeting of Germany and Portugal on Monday 16th June gives me a chance to try a slow-roasted pork belly with garlic and black pepper (to replicate the unique leitão style) that would be perfectly complemented by a slightly off-dry riesling from Germany such as The Society’s.

• The Greek-Japanese meeting on the 19th allows the opportunity to try the fresh full-flavoured Greek offering of Hatzidakis Santorini with tempura-battered seafood and vegetables. You could, of course, offer wine a rest on the bench and bring on a substitute in the form of Greek beer ‘Fix’, which can be found in our Summer Beers Case. It’s also worth noting that this selection includes a Brazilian beer, too, which I suspect could be useful in the later stages of the tournament…

• The more adventurous could try suya, a Nigerian kebab flavoured with cayenne pepper and spices, which would work wonderfully with the soft berry fruit of an Argentine Malbec (I’ll likely be calling up Faldeos Nevados Malbec 2013) when made with beef, to mark the countries meeting on the 25th June.

• As for England, the remarkably good 2013 vintage of Three Choirs Midsummer Hill should see off an Italian crab linguine with as much aplomb as I hope Roy Hodgson’s team will tomorrow. I also predict great things for a hearty plate of roast beef versus Ururguay’s Atlántico Sur Garzón Vineyard Maldonado Marselan.

If you have ‘extra time’, it would be interesting to see what matches members try out over the coming month.

Conrad Braganza
Cellar Showroom

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