Tue 05 Aug 2014

A Look Back To 1874 via 1913


We were delighted to see last week’s look back to 1914 so well received. More than one asked whether there was anything else of interest in our archives, whence, as we celebrate The Society’s 140th birthday, the below.

The Wine Society archive

Reprinted many years ago for our annual review, this excerpt from a 1913 Society List outlines the story of our founding from what was a more contemporary viewpoint.

A brief history

It also includes the ‘Objects of The Society’, which first appeared in Lists in 1883:

Objects of The Wine Society

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  1. Stephen Booth says:

    Bless our oldest ally, Portugal. As one who goes regularly to the Royal Albert Hall at this time of year for Prom concerts I always feel a frisson of pride over the hall’s relationship with the Society. Wish I could have been at one of those dinners that founded us… and the McCleod of McCleod no less.

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