Wed 06 Aug 2014

Welcome To Austria!


‘My advice: just ask for Gruner (‘Groo-ner’) and don’t panic!’

Palace HoffburgThe Society launches its first-ever Austrian offer at a time when the gruner veltliner grape has become the darling of the sommelier world. Easily quaffable as a pre-dinner drink and pairing wonderfully with many styles of food, from delicate seafood dishes to spicy curries, it’s easy to see why.

Recently I visited Vie Vinum – Austria’s annual wine trade show held in the opulent Palace Hoffburg – and I have to say that having tried around 400 wines over the two days all but a handful were taut, fresh, fruit-driven and thought-provoking wines. Selecting just 18 or so for our inaugural Austrian offer was difficult as I could have listed many more.

However, I was able to meet a number of our producers at the show; so without further ado, let me introduce you to the winemakers whose wines are now available.

Hannes Sabathi

Hannes Sabathi, our winemaker from Styria.

Erwin Tinhof

Erwin Tinhof, a winemaking hero of Burgenland.


Brigitte and Gerhard Pittnauer, who has won ‘winemaker of the year’ for 2014 in Falstaff, the Austrian wine guide bible.

Maria Gruber

Maria Gruber

Ewald Gruber

…and her brother, and the family’s winemaker, Ewald Gruber

Franz T?rk

Franz Turk

Willi Bründlmayer

Willi Bründlmayer

Bernhard Ott

Bernhard Ott

Thomas Lehner

Thomas Lenher

Fritz Miesbauer

Fritz Miesbauer, winemaker at Stadt Krems

Rainer Wess

Rainer Wess

Wolfgang Reisner and his wife – the owner of Weingut Hans Igler – Waltraud Reisner-Igler

Wolfgang Reisner and his wife – the owner of Weingut Hans Igler – Waltraud Reisner-Igler

Sarah Knowles
Society Buyer for Austria

The Society’s first-ever Austrian offer is now available.


  1. Fiona says:

    Ooh, definitely must try this.

    A walking holiday to Austria has been booked so it would be good to try some of the options in advance!

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