Fri 12 Sep 2014

Award-Winning Wine Writing

Richard Mayson

Richard Mayson

Earlier this week, the 10th annual Louis Roederer Wine Writers’ Awards ceremony was held in London, recognising the top wine journalists and communicators throughout the world.

We were delighted to see former Society colleague Richard Mayson win the International Wine Feature Writer of the Year award and Society contributor Nina Caplan named International Wine Columnist of the Year, for their work in The World of Fine Wine and New Statesman respectively.

The Society’s foremost aim is, of course, to offer our members the best wines at the best possible prices. However, we also aim to provide as much good-quality information about them as we can, whether for the inquisitive beginner or the seasoned expert.

Nina Caplan

Nina Caplan

A key part of this process is our long and proud history of hosting exclusive articles from the best professional wine writers. It is therefore particularly pleasing to see Richard and Nina’s efforts recognised by this top-class judging panel.

Read Society articles by the winners
For those wishing to explore the work of these award-winning writers on The Society’s website, we present some of Richard’s and Nina’s most recent contributions below:

Richard Mayson: ‘Vintage Port: A Rich Tradition’
‘The declaration of a new port vintage brings out the historian in me,’ wrote Richard Mayson when 2011 was declared. Here’s his look at the history of this noble wine, from its origins in the 18th century to the present.

Nina Caplan: ‘A Precious Inheritance’
Nina’s father, Harold Caplan, served on The Wine Society’s committee of management for 11 years, chairing the wine sub-committee for four of those. This lovely piece explores how the love of wine is among the most valuable of heirlooms.

Nina Caplan: ‘Your Granny Wouldn’t Like It!’
A lament to the fact that sherry still carries the albatross of being perceived as as a sweet digestif for the superannuated, and attempts to right the wrong in this enlightening piece on the diversity of styles and value for money offered by this perennially underrated wine.

Nina Caplan: ‘What To Drink At Easter’
Last Easter, we published this reflection on similarities and differences between Jewish and Christian Easter festivities and rituals and how, when it comes to choice of wine, ‘France is still the Holy Land’ in Nina’s opinion.

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