Thu 25 Sep 2014

The Society’s Exhibition Range: Training Member Services


A good knowledge of wine is an important part of working at The Society, particularly for those who are in constant contact with our members.

For, just as it is inadvisable to buy an umbrella from a wet man, one should hesitate before buying wine from someone who knows nothing about it.

Fortunately, this is not something members are likely to encounter from The Society, and the reason for this is training.

All members of Society staff are encouraged to learn about wine. It is the lifeblood of our co-operative, and infinitely interesting to boot! To support in this endeavour, we hold regular training sessions to keep staff up to date on our wines and, vitally, how they taste.

Last week, fine wine adviser Freddy Bulmer hosted a series of training sessions dedicated to our Exhibition range.

Exhibition range - Copy

The Society’s Exhibition wines represent fine expressions of the vineyards, terroir or regions from which they originate, and we work with some of the world’s best winemakers to source and blend them.

Below are a handful of comments on three of the wines featured.

The Society’s Exhibition Pouilly-Fuissé 2012 (£17.50)
• ‘So enjoyable on its own but a real candidate for a gift bottle and a Christmas treat, with ageing potential to boot.’
• ‘Like a mini-Meursault, at a third of the price!’

The Society’s Exhibition Crozes-Hermitage 2012 (£12.95)
• ‘Has everything great Crozes should have.’

The Society’s Exhibition Rioja Reserva 2007 (£13.95)
• ‘This wine is a stunner.’
• ‘So elegant, refined and balanced.’

You can view all wines featured in the current Exhibition offer.

Joe Mandrell
Trainee Buyer


  1. Laurence Measey says:

    I delight in trying something new yet guaranteed to be at least interesting and often mouthwatering. Our Society chooses some cracking wines that they affix the Society’s label to whether treat wines in the exhibition range or the Society’s wines that are diligently sourced and represent terrific value. This year I have been delighted by the Cotes de Gascogne, the wonderfully tasty Chianti Ruffina and the rich Society Madeira. There are so many more that i will not be without choice for many years to come, by which time the range will have changed.

  2. Robert Clifford-Wing says:

    The Society is for me a source of trusted quality wines. I use the Exhibition range when choosing a wine for a special occasion or, maybe a Friday evening special. The Society’s own label wines are a safe bet when trying wines not tasted before. Whenever recommending the Society to friends, I always suggest trying a case or two of these wines as being a great way to introduce themselves to some if the wines available, without the risk of disappointment.

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