Tue 16 Sep 2014

WIN a Members’ Favourite Prosecco


Members' FavouritesOur Members’ Favourites offer, which closes on Sunday 28th September, counts down our 35 bestselling producer-label wines. It is selected by Society members voting with their feet, yet many also take the time to tell us what they think of the wines.

At a Showroom tasting, we caught up with a number of members to get their views on some of the top sellers from this year:


What do YOU think?
Submit a written review of one of the Members’ Favourite wines on our website by noon on Tuesday 30th September for a chance to win a bottle of this year’s straight-in-at-number-one wine, Prosecco Brut I Duecento. The authors of the most interesting, amusing or striking reviews will receive a bottle, so good luck!

To leave a review, simply scroll down to the bottom of the wine’s product page on our website and click ‘Write your own review’ (you’ll need to be logged in to do this).

Happy reviewing!

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