Tue 16 Dec 2014

Christmas Order Deadline EXTENDED to midnight on Thursday


We have extended our UK Christmas order deadline 24 hours to midnight, Thursday 18th December for most addresses.

As you might imagine, Christmas is by some distance The Society’s busiest time of the year, and, thanks to your support, 2014 has been our busiest to date.

Wine Society Van Shoot - 14th May 2014Despite this, and despite other retailers reportedly experiencing problems, our nationwide delivery network has been operating efficiently with no backlog thanks to some improvements we have made to our procedures.

So much so that we can extend the deadline for guaranteed Christmas delivery by 24 hours to midnight, Thursday 18th December for most UK addresses (click here to see the exceptions).

What’s different this year?
A few years ago the run up to Christmas saw a nationwide cold snap that put enormous pressure on our delivery network. Since then we have been streamlining our processes to ensure that we run as efficiently as possible. This year for the first time we introduced double-shift working in our warehouse so that we could prepare members’ orders round the clock, and we have reviewed our contracts with third-party carriers to get the best service we can for members.

These changes, and a clear weather forecast for most of the country, mean that there is no backlog and the capacity to extend our deadline to most UK addresses.

We hope you find this extra time useful!

Thank you for your support and please accept our very best wishes for a very merry Christmas from all of us at your Society.

Liz Cerroti
Head of Member Services

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  1. Terry Hayward says:

    You advertised last order date as 18th but despite it still being early on the 17th when I try to checkout I’m told the first available delivery is Jan 5th. Very disappointing.

    • Martin Brown says:

      Sorry to hear this, Mr Hayward. Member Services are trying to reach you by phone to resolve this and have left a voicemail message.
      Martin Brown
      The Wine Society

  2. Terry Hayward says:

    Once again I can’t fault the customer service at The Wine Society. All now sorted and I’ll have my wine for Christmas.

  3. Nicola Conner says:

    Hello, I am also trying to place an order for Christmas, still within the last day on your website. However, the only delivery date option i am given is Tuesday 6th January2015!

  4. Arvind Chandna says:

    The same problem. The first date is 7th January!!!

    I am ordering on 17th December

    Te above complaint was the same; can you not sort out the bug in the website?


    • I think that that’s the first date available by Society van; you can have delivery by carrier in time for Christmas. Member Services are calling you to help arrange your delivery.

  5. Lady Clare Ash says:

    I have tried to order on line but told that the web page is not available.
    I will try by phone tomorrow morning. Most relieved that the deadline has been extended to cope with internet problems.

    Thanks a lot.

  6. Andrew Coxon says:

    hmmm same here just received an e-mail saying order before midnight tonight to get win before xmas but when I have placed my order the earliest day available to delivery was 30th… I will ring now and see if anything can be done as need this before xmas really.

  7. Val Robson says:

    I tried to order wine on Tuesday 16th and it said the last order date was 6th January (carrier or Society van) so I am quite irritated to come on here today and see you are advertising you’ve extended the date for last deliveries before Christmas date until today. What is the point of that if you cannot offer a delivery date before Christmas (there is now a date of 30th Dec free I see). I have bought wine locally now but most disappointed that the Wine Siciety cannot meet demand at this time.

    • I’m very sorry to hear that. We could have delivered the wine before Christmas! The website did say this, but also showed the next available date you could have taken delivery by Society van if you preferred.
      This was obviously confusing and is being rectified.
      Please accept our apologies.

      • Val Robson says:

        But where did it says this? It said that the first date by Society van was January 6th and there were NO dates available by courier. I cannot understand how a professional organisation cannot amend such a fundamental problem on their website and/or delivery service at such a crucial point in what must be your most busy and profitable time of year. And why was this error on the website not rectified within minutes of the first person alerting you to the problem on this blog? Even removing the delivery options page and saying ‘call for a delivery slot’ would have been preferable.

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    The difficulties arose because despite defaulting to show the method of delivery that would get members wine to them in time for Christmas, we also showed a grid containing information about the next available delivery by Society van for those who didn’t need their order before Christmas.

    Please accept our apologies for any confusion this caused. We should have been clearer and will be redesigning this page in the New Year with complete clarity the chief aim!

    Merry Christmas.

  9. Peter Brennan says:

    I placed an order on 5 December. The only delivery slot to my home in North London before Christmas was the Society van on 20 December. I rang and was told that the website’s information was correct – that the Society would not offer a courier service during this period. I accepted this, but was left wondering just what incentive this was to order early, especially now the Society is guaranteeing delivery a day later than advertised.
    To rub salt in the wound, I have today received a text message and an e-mail telling me that the Society is “delighted” to have scheduled my delivery for 22 December – 17 days after my order was placed. I have been told that these messages were sent in error – but have had no confirmation from the people actually concerned with scheduling delivery.
    Might I gently suggest that just occasionally, perhaps, the Society might pause before congratulating itself at the expense of “other retailers” and make sure that it is actually giving members a service that at least matches that offered by its competitors?

    • Dear Mr Brennan.

      I believe someone from Member Services has talked to you about your order and confirmed that it will be delivered tomorrow as planned.

      We’ve investigated what happened and it appears that it is a communication problem once again.

      You could have elected to receive a carrier delivery when you placed your order in early December, and you would probably have received your wines within 48 hours. However, this wasn’t clear. We had just disabled the ‘specified date’ carrier service so the table you saw only displayed the next Society van delivery slot later in the month, and this is what caused the confusion.

      To compound it all, we had a problem with our delivery alerts regarding the weekend’s deliveries which we only discovered last night. This has now been rectified and we are in process of reassuring other members.

      We are reviewing our procedures and thanks to feedback such as yours we know what to focus on improving for next year.

      Please accept our apologies as well as our best wishes for Christmas.

      Paul Trelford
      The Wine Society

  10. Julian says:

    As a very new member, I was pleased to be able to place an order 3 days before the original deadline – and was told delivery on Saturday 20th. Unfortunately, it is now Sunday, and will now have to wait for delivery on Tuesday, according to member services – but my online details still show the order as incomplete, and no tracking details.

    From my experience, it looks as if the society needs to do something about the outside couriers, and perhaps stick to using its own delivery network (with the greater control offered) – even if that means a much earlier order deadline.

    • Ewan Murray says:

      Hello Julian.
      So sorry to hear of the ongoing problem with this order. This was actually a computer issue, rather than a delivery problem. The whole order had been picked, but one item was still showing as not being ready, hence the whole order was delayed. This has now been amended and the order will leave here today and be with you tomorrow. Our apologies for the delay. I will drop you a Twitter DM too.
      Best wishes for Christmas.

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