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The Remains of the Day


Using up the leftovers

A couple of years ago we put together a series of recipes designed to use up the inevitable leftovers after the big Christmas feast, with suitable wines to match, of course. These can all be found on our website here and we welcome your input in the weeks ahead if you stumble across any sure-fire winners.

For some, icing the Christmas cake will be a dim and distant memory already, I am frequently doing that on Christmas day in the lull between frenzied present-opening and starting in on the fizz and smoked salmon. Invariably there’s some marzipan left over to play with. Some years the children have moulded leftovers from the cake into sweets to give to grandparents, complete with indelible thumbprints from much man-handling in the production process! But I was very pleased to stumble across the recipe below which allows for a quick dessert to put together with minimal hassle; the pudding course is one that I often neglect thinking about, much to the disappointment of the more sweet-toothed in my family.

The following recipe for pear and marzipan tarts is an all-together much more appetising way of disposing of surplus marzipan and they look attractive too. The recipe was from a supermarket magazine I believe and the tarts would be lovely with the new Sainte Croix du Monte, Château La Grave 2010 (ref BW5091, £9.50). The wine is made from botrytised semillion and sauvignon blanc grapes from vineyards on the opposite bank of the Garonne from Sauternes and is lusciously sweet but wonderfully fresh too.


Pear & marzipan tarts
individual pear and marzipan tart
Serves 4


Half a 500g block of puff pastry or sheet of ready-rolled puff pastry
2 ripe pears
Leftover marzipan (you’ll need up to around 75g)
Sugar – vanilla flavoured or Demerara
A handful of flaked almonds
Crème fraiche, cream or ice cream to serve


Pre-heat oven to 190?c/gas mark 5. Cut pears in half and scoop out core. Make about six diagonal slices through the pear from the stalk end so that you can fan it out. Roll out pastry on a floured surface. Cut marzipan into four and mould it out so that each is big enough to cover the cut side of the pear. Place marzipan with fanned out pear on it on the pastry and then cut around each pear in a tear shape leaving around 2.5cms border. Place on a baking tray and sprinkle over sugar and almonds. Bake until golden in colour (around 20 minutes).

Best served warm with a dollop of crème fraîche, cream or ice cream.


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