Mon 19 Jan 2015

‘It’s got to be a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc!’


This is a direct quote from one of my best friends, when he is at any bar or restaurant – it’s his favourite order.

The Wine Society Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2014 Offer

Our pick of the 2014 crop of Marlborough sauvignon blanc is available now

It is also a common phrase I hear when indulging in my hobby of blind tasting because Marlborough sauvignon is a blind taster’s best friend: this aromatic and distinctive wine is one that most blind tasters would see as a ‘banker’ because there are a few certain traits:

Highly aromatic (at drinks parties if the hosts tipple of choice is a Marlborough sauvignon you can usually get a whiff of the heady perfume from the car as you pull up!)
Consistent and precise aromas and flavours of intense gooseberry, fresh asparagus, cut grass and passionfruit.
Light body and crisp acidity that makes you crave the next sip.

The consistent quality and recognisable style of Marlborough sauvignon I am sure goes a long way in explaining its popularity.

However, times are changing!
As Marlborough’s wine industry develops and matures, winemakers are noticing subtle differences in the grapes grown across the valley, and are experimenting more with the juice once in the winery.

Cloudy Bay for example produce two sauvignon blanc – one a very refined yet classic example and a second, Te Koko, that they treat very differently in the winery including the use of barrel aging.

As the style of Marlborough sauvignon develops I feel that, as a buyer, it starts to get a little more challenging, but also more rewarding – and I hope that our range accurately represents the best from Marlborough with a good number of classics – led by our Society and Exhibition wines, and supported by members’ favourites such as Three Terraces, Stoneburn and Wither Hills.

However, I hope you might also enjoy a few less typical but nonetheless delicious sauvignons from Marlborough such as Dog Point’s refined house sauvignon and ageworthy Section 94 and te Pa’s fresh flinty coastal wine.

Sarah Knowles
Society Buyer

A selection of Marlborough sauvignon blancs from the fresh 2014 vintage is available here, including a mixed case.


  1. Iain Beattie says:

    Hi Sarah
    I have tried both Dog Point Sauvignons and agree both are stunning in their own right and I think the section 94 is worth the higher price. I have also tried both the Greywacke Sauvignons and when visiting New Zealand last year had a visit to the HO of Greywacke where I met Kevin and Kimberley who gave me a wonderful tasting. I love the Greywacke Sauvignon but am not convinced by the ” Wild”. However I also tasted the Chardonnay which was fantastic and apparently is Kevin’s favourite. If you could get a supply of the Chardonnay that would be fantastic

  2. W R Williams says:

    I’m surprised to see no mention of the entirely different character & easily identifiable SB from the Awatere sub-region of Marlborough. But then, this is not the first occasion I’ve needed to draw WS attention to this omission.
    W R Williams

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