Wed 14 Jan 2015

The Loire: What To Expect in 2015?


Olivier Mouraud at Bougrier

Olivier Mouraud at Bougrier

A quick visit to start to assess the 2014 vintage in the Loire confirms we most certainly should make an offer of these wines in a few months’ time, and we can dare to hope for that rare thing: a really good red vintage too.

I tasted some gorgeous wines with Nicolas Paget, and the generous forward style of his reds this year hopefully means some will be bottled early enough for summer listings.

The line-up at Bougrier in Touraine was an impressive one, representing just a little of their production across their three vinification centres: Nantaise, Angevine & Tourangelle. Olivier Mouraud was particularly enthusiastic about their rosés this year and proved a dab hand at putting together one or two smart-looking Muscadet and Touraine sauvignon blends.

In Vouvray mostly sec and demi-sec styles along with petillant will be produced, all of which need a little longer in tank and cask before they can be assessed fully.

The new tasting room at Domaine Huet, Vouvray

The new tasting room at Domaine Huet, Vouvray

The stylish new tasting room at Domaine Huet provided the perfect opportunity to re-taste the 2013s after close to 9 months in bottle, as well as the new 2010 Petillant Brut, soon to be released, which is beautifully refined and delicate after the richly impressive 2009 (£19.50) which is all but sold out. Clos du Bourg Demi-Sec 2005 was divine, showing that it is now safe to start opening this excellent vintage, and whetting the hungry appetite for a great 2015 vintage!

Jo Locke MW
Society Buyer

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  1. Stephen Hanna says:

    Would the Wine Society ever consider offering the excellent wines of Bernard Baudry of Chinon?
    Many thanks,
    Stephen Hanna.

    • Jo Locke MW says:

      Thank you very much for your comment. We used to follow them, but they then went through a rather shaky phase with significant change in style. However, it’s time we had another look and I will endeavour to do so. Best wishes.

  2. Peter Jarvis says:

    The chance to buy some decent lowish-alcohol reds would be a delight. Bourgeuil or Chinon perhaps. Please!

  3. Brian Key says:

    And how about the redoubtable M. Druet from Benais?

  4. Mark Friend says:

    Have you ever considered offering wines by Domaine Charles Joguet?

  5. David Punter says:

    If you get chance sample the Joël Taluau St-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil … excellent

  6. Ray Bruno says:

    Will there be some Savennières included in the offer? It is my favourite Loire white.

  7. Shane keen says:

    I was very impressed with Domaine de la Noblaie Chinon, will this become available again? I’m reluctant to drink my last two bottles if not, many thanks for the pleasure.

  8. Rona Melrose says:

    Domaine de la Paleine in Le Puy de Notre Dam has stunning Chenin Blanc. Do you know of it?

  9. Matthew Wyles says:

    I would approach Domaine Huet vintages since 2011 with caution since the genius Noel Pinguet departed. 2014 Chenin Blanc is a definite buy but pick brilliant producers like Jacky Blot or Francois Chidaine and give the has-beens a miss…..

  10. John F. Marcham says:

    What about Chinon from “La Noblaie”? Their “Pierre de Tuf”, made in a very old stone vat is wonderful, as is their standard Chinon. I have paid many visits to them over the years.
    Also Frederick Mabileau’s Anjou blank “Chenin des Rouillers” – expensive but a wonderful white wine. Another much visited grower.
    I could go on but……………………

  11. Sid King says:

    I still have two cellar’d bottles of Huet 1989 Vouvray Clos Du Bourg Moelleux (93/100), bought from the Society in September 1990 for £18.50 a bottle (equivalent to £35.50 now). I wish I’d had the money to heed the Society’s advice at the time and buy more!

  12. Jo Locke MW says:

    Thanks all! The Chinon Blanc will reappear next month, as will Closel’s Savennières. Beyond that we taste and retaste regularly and are grateful for any member recommendations.

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