Thu 19 Mar 2015

Cycling From Stevenage To Montreuil


As you may already be aware, 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of The Wine Society’s move from London to Stevenage.

To mark this occasion, The Society is hosting an anniversary fair on the 13th June, displaying 50 of the wines which best represent the Society of 2015.

However, the following Saturday, on June 20th, something much more gruelling will be undertaken by seven members of staff.

It all began with a casual off the cuff remark – ‘why don’t we cycle to Montreuil to mark the occasion?’ – between a couple of members of The Society’s newly formed cycling club in the summer of 2014.

A three-part map of the route, via Google Maps

A three-part map of the route, via Google Maps

This spawned into a handful of eager, and some not so eager, cyclists from throughout The Society to rise to the challenge of cycling from The Society’s UK Showroom in Hertfordshire, to The Society’s French Showroom in Montreuil.

The team consists of a handful of experienced, and some not so experienced, cyclists from throughout the ranks of The Society’s staff. The Tastings Team is represented by Simon Mason, Matthew Horsley and Jon Granger; Member Services by Freddy Bulmer, Ben Briffett and me; and the warehouse by Thom Cleary.

The true nature of the ride only really hit home when the route was mapped out, totalling a staggering 145 miles. The idea to complete the distance in a day naturally shook a few of the group who are a little newer to cycling; however, with a few training rides, the wheels are in motion for the longest bicycle ride that any of us have undertaken in a day.

Although some long distance knowledge is on our side, the route through rural Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent and northern France will be a challenge for even the mentally and physically strongest among us!

So with tyres pumped solid, training plans plotted, and weekends lost to peddling through rain and shine, we’ll be ready to go on the day of the ride.

All of that said, the hardest part of preparation is getting seven oenophiles to agree on what to drink in celebration at the end!

Thom Buzzard
Member Services

The ride itself is a celebration of 50 years of The Society’s home in Stevenage, but we will be also raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Should you wish to donate, you can do so via this link.

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  1. Tim Carlisle says:

    I can’t believe that the buying team and the management team are not represented!

  2. Robin Smith says:

    If you fancy having a member to join you just shout.

  3. Sally Cantello says:

    This sounds amazing – good luck and good spirits to all taking part.
    Can I just make an observation on the destination of the funds being raised? Macmillan does ‘cancer support’ but not, as far as I understand, cancer research, altho it works ‘in partnership with’ cancer research organisations. The main cancer research body in the UK is Cancer Research UK which funds researchers in institutes and universities researching cures for different cancers. Please forgive me if you know this already but I thought it worth clarifying. I should note that I have no interests in either organisation (altho I donate to cancer research as I lost close family to cancer 8 yrs ago).
    Hope the ride goes well and the weather is kind.

    • Martin Brown says:

      Dear Sally,
      Thank you very much for taking the time to point out this small but important clarification, which we have amended, and for your kind words.
      Best wishes
      Martin Brown
      The Wine Society

      • WL Alexander says:

        True but MacMillan is a very worthy cause too – I immediately set up a direct debit to them for support they gave one of my terminally ill relatives.

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