Wed 08 Apr 2015

An Explorer’s Paradise: New Wines


The publication of our April List (subtitled ‘An Explorer’s Paradise’) brings a wealth of new wines to our range.

Below we reproduce the introduction to this List, which focuses on some of them. You can take a look at all of the new wines here, and a selection of lesser-known gems (including a mixed case) can be found in our Exploration Wines section. Enjoy!

Whatever floats your boat (and it won’t cost you more)
The Wine Society April ListThe world is a very much smaller place these days. In the twinkling of an eye we can have most of it on a plate or in a glass, and the challenge is to stay head. As one of our trendsetting buying team recently tweeted from the field, ‘this place is crawling with wine buyers!’

Finding gold, especially the liquid variety, is no achievement if there are no takers for it. Here The Society scores highly because our members are firmly on board. Finding something you like and sticking with it, despite the myriad other options available, is not our way.

Consider some of the treasures brought home for this April List: our first red and white from Crete (£8.95 and £9.95 respectively), a new Lebanese red from Château Ksara (£15.50) and a Spanish abillo (£11.50) and Hungarian kékfrankos (£13.95) to add to an already considerable varietal count.

More familiar regions don’t stand still either. For those of us more deeply concerned about the land than the seven seas, you’ll find three organically grown Chiantis from prime estates Fontodi (£17), Frascole (£10.50) and La Leccia (£11.95). Equally agrochemical-free are a new mencia (£9.50) from Portugal’s rugged Beira Interior, a white Chinon (£11.50) and a Bulgarian pinot noir (£9.95) which convinced exacting Burgundy-fancier Sebastian Payne MW.

Finally, let’s not underestimate the fun of rediscovery. A welter of delicious 2014 white Bordeaux for instance (please search the website for a full listing), or a cracking new manzanilla (£7.95) to get the palate racing.

All prices are, again, held in this List. We wish all members a pleasant voyage of discovery.

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