Thu 21 May 2015

Real Men Don’t Drink Rosé, Do They?


RoséWell actually they do; the fact that our sales of rosés have increased by a third in the last three years is testament to that fact.

No longer is pink wine thought to be ‘one for the ladies’, with bottles sporting pretty wine labels designed to appeal to the fairer sex. Finally, the message has sunk home.

The other outmoded but once widely held opinion about rosés that did the wines a huge disservice is that they are light, ephemeral, holiday wines; not really to be taken seriously.

Happily this myth has been debunked too. Yes, there’s nothing like a glass of chilled rosé to perk up a not-so-sunny day, but there’s so much more to these wines which talk of place and grape alongside their white and red (and sparkling) counterparts.

Our expanded list reflects the fact that so many wine regions are making cracking rosés now from Greece to South Africa and back home in the Mediterranean heartlands.

The one characteristic they all share, be they the palest pink oeil de perdrix or the almost red clairets, is that they really come into their own with food. No other style of wine is able to cope with such a wide variety of flavours from garlicky salad dressings to spicy Asian cooking, from aperitif to dessert, even, in the case of some off-dry styles.

As for reds and whites, some basic principles will help for happy marriages:
• Match wine and food weight for weight (think of it as a boxing match)
• Ensure that acid levels match – ‘sharp’ ingredients need brisk wines
• Counteract salt and spice with sweetness
• Counteract bitter or sour ingredients with plump fruit
• Wines and ingredients from the same region are often an excellent match
• Most importantly, don’t worry too much – there are few real disasters!

If you’re looking for some recipes to inspire, we have put together a shortlist from our archives or those that will go particularly well with rosés; and if you can’t make up your mind which wines to buy, our current offer showcases the pick of the pink crop.

There’s more on matching rosé and food in this article on our website.

Joanna Goodman
News Editor

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