Mon 15 Jun 2015

South Africa: Feeling Liberated


Four years ago The Society featured the first in our series of ‘The Liberator’ wines. At the time I was a little nervous. The quality of the wines was without question – not surprising really considering who the winemaker was, whose identity we are sworn to keep secret even now. It was more the concept.

The Liberator Blood Brothers Blue LabelHaving a wine with an accompanying comic strip, cartoon-like labels and running a caption competition as part of their launch felt pretty out there, particularly for a ‘serious’ wine merchant like The Wine Society. There was, however, no need to worry as members snapped up the wines and got into the spirit. Members who want to cast their minds back or might have missed this the first time around can view it here.

We have steadily featured more wines in The Liberator series over the previous few years from a variety of producers, some that we were allowed to name with others preferring to remain anonymous so to not cause conflict with their `day jobs’ as winemakers with some of South Africa’s most famous and respected estates.

One thing all the wines (or, as they are referred to by the mastermind behind the Liberator series Richard Kelley MW, ‘episodes’) have in common is that they all have a sense of fun while maintaining the highest levels of quality and value.

Our two latest Liberator editions, The Blood Brothers Red and Blue labels, epitomise this `serious fun’ aspect of this series more so than any of the previous releases.

The Liberator Blood Brothers Red LabelThe Red Label is new world take on a classic southern Rhône blend but in true Liberator style throws in a twist with a splash of zinfandel. It’s is important to iterate here that this is no mere gimmick: this is made by a very respected award-winning winemaker who doesn’t mess about. Those desperate to find out who this is can find out by having a little dig around on the

The other part of the duo is the Blue Label. This is a true blue-blooded example featuring all the classic Bordeaux varieties again made by the same talented winemaker as the Red label wine.

Both wines, like all those that have gone before them, feature an accompanying comic strip that goes some way to explain the ethos, rationale, quirkiness and uniqueness of these one-off wines; after all, there can’t be too many wines that have the backing of not one but two masters of wines, Richard Kelley MW and The Society’s own buyer for South Africa Joanna Locke MW, but that also compare styles of Bordeaux and the Rhône to the Gallagher brothers and the Charlton brothers!

Gareth Park
Marketing Campaign Manager

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