Tue 18 Aug 2015

Bordeaux’s ‘Near Perfect 2015 Harvest’?


Well, it’s started. This provocative (at least in wine trade circles) headline appeared in The Telegraph last week extolling the virtues of a vintage not even harvested let alone safely in the cellar.

Grapes ripening in BordeauxVintages ending in 5 have indeed tended to be pretty good since 1985 (with 2005 being fabulous), but this is of course not guaranteed.

Bordeaux has seen some freak conditions so far this summer and now needs some rain if even a good vintage is to be delivered. For ‘near perfect’ we’ll wait until we have visited, tasted and talked to producers the length and breadth of Bordeaux (and not just the salesmen!).

Yields may well be low in many regions of France; there seems plenty of evidence for that so far but not enough to start talking up prices at this early stage.

Thank goodness for the common sense closing remarks in The Telegraph’s article from Bordeaux producer and blogger Gavin Quinney who commented that, given that harvest for reds is in late September, ‘most of us sit there with our fingers crossed and won’t say anything until the fat lady sings.’

We’re with the fat lady, if admittedly hoping we might all have another 2005 to look forward to.

Jo Locke MW
Society Buyer

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  1. Francesca Greenoak says:

    I used to be a closet Telegraph reader for the news and reviews but since it has got rid of its best reporters I read it now for amusement. I agree with Wine Soc – you can’t make a judgement until the wine is in the cellars. Keep up the good work.

  2. Derek Fancett says:

    I spent last week (11th to 14th August) visiting Chateaux throughout Bordeaux and, yes, the grapes are looking good, even a little early. But it rained most days last week and the vignerons were looking a little worried. The rain that we had was much needed to freshen up the grapes and to cool the temperatures down but I can tell you that everybody down there has their fingers, toes and anything else crossed that last week’s rain does not persist and is not repeated too often between now and mid-October. Lest we forget, that’s another two whole months. Nobody down there will begin making predictions until the grapes are all in the vats. And then there are the Sauternais…

  3. Richard Connell says:

    Let us pray… people extolling the merits Cabernet from Armenia, Pinot noir from the Isle of Mull really are boring.

  4. Anthony Dougan says:

    More evidence of how ‘The Telegraph’ has become a stinky rag!

  5. Mr Ulken Sami says:

    Fat lady will start singing when the harvest is in the cellars but the crescendo will only come 5 years down the line……. roll on 2020……

    By the way, 2005s are now drinking well. Had a few Haut Medoc Cru Bourgeois wines recently which showed extremely well; elegant, fresh and full of subtle Bordeaux nuances. Can’t wait to try the classified growths!

  6. Robin Pease says:

    The recent “5s” may have been good but not necessarily over the years. When I was buying and selling Bordeaux the ’55 was OK, the ’65 awful, the ’75 even worse, the ’85 and ’95 pretty good but it wasn’t until 2005 that we had anything exceptional so I don’t think five is worthwhile getting excited about. The time to do that is after you have tasted in the Spring of the following year.

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