Fri 21 Aug 2015

Introducing Responsive Design on The Society’s Website


Members who use our website on mobile phones and tablets may have noticed some changes recently.

We want members to have a great experience regardless of which device they choose to use, and with more members accessing the site via smaller screens (nearly half of all visits to are now made by mobile and tablet), we realised that our service needed to be improved.

Responsive designRedeveloping the site with Responsive Design in order to make it easier to view was therefore made one of the top priorities of our current wide-ranging Digital Strategy project.

So what’s different?
Members viewing The Society’s website on a desktop or laptop computer will notice very little difference. However, for mobile and tablet screens, content should now be readable without the need to zoom or scroll left to right. The design will automatically adapt to fit the screen optimally, whether you choose to view in portrait or landscape.

You can read more about the individual changes here (with tips on how to navigate the new design, should they be required).

The success of this project depends entirely on the quality of members’ experience, and we welcome your feedback.

Any members accessing the site via mobile or tablet since the responsive website was launched on 9th June, 2015 are very welcome to either e-mail feedback to or complete this short questionnaire.

Nicky Glennon
Head of Digital Marketing

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  1. Guy Dennis says:

    Can I ask something: if I recall correctly, I used to be able to click on the names of wines held in members’ Reserves and see the Society’s original notes on them. This was a brilliant feature. But unless I’m mistaken, it seems to have disappeared – or was it never there and I’m making a mistake?

    • Dear Mr Dennis

      Thanks for the question. It certainly sounds like a perfectly reasonable thing to expect to be able to do.

      I have asked around, but we haven’t ever been able to show the notes on stored wines in the way you say. It’s not all bad news however, as you can still access the notes within the ‘My Wines’ section. Login to ‘My Account’ and click on ‘My Wines’ on the left-hand menu. This displays all the wines you have bought since 2009. You can then filter the results by keyword, product, country etc in order to find the wines you are looking for.

      You can also view pdfs of past opening offers in the ‘Fine Wine’ section of the site.

      I hope this helps.

      I have passed your comment on to the powers that be to suggest that we explore developing the ‘My Reserves’ section so that you can view all the notes in the way you suggest.

      Thanks again
      Paul Trelford
      The Wine Society

  2. Ken Mycock says:

    The new website isn’t very good at distinguishing between mobile and PC browsers. Because of my accessibility settings [1280 x 768 and using an enlarged system font] it renders up the mobile view on my PC browser. The mobile menu system doesn’t work at all in PC browsers, just crashes when I click on anything. Consequently to use the site I’m compelled to zoom out to the point where the menu bar appears, squint to distinguish between menu options, click, wait for the new page to load then zoom back in to make the page visible again. Over and over, zooming in and out with each page change. Not impressed.

  3. Guy Dennis says:

    I was really puzzled by your reply, so started a thread on the bulletin board, as I was surprised to be so mistaken.

    Anyway, apparently the feature is still there in a form. One respondent said:

    “Yep. It is good and still there Log on. Go to Account Overview.

    “Then click on My Wines on left hand side. Should list everything you’ve bought in last 5 years or so.

    “Click on an wine’s name. Should take you to a page for that wine (which prob says the wine is no longer available). On the right hand side of the page there should be a link that says “View Wine Notes (PDF)”.

    • Martin Brown says:

      Hi Guy,
      I’m very sorry to read that our response evidently didn’t make this sufficiently clear. My colleague Paul and the responder on wine-pages are in fact both right: you can see notes for your Reserves under the ‘My Wines’ section of ‘My Account’ (albeit at the moment only those purchased from 2009-present); however – and this is where I think the confusion has arisen – you can’t get this info specifically from the Members’ Reserves section, which I believe was the root of your original question. Apologies again for the mixup and hope this information is of help.
      Martin Brown
      The Wine Society

  4. Guy Dennis says:

    My apologies.. sorry, I hadn’t read your reply closely enough. And then said what you’d already said.

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