Tue 15 Sep 2015

Rejuvenation in The Cape


Springtime in South Africa and the vineyards are at varying stages of bud burst, turning the already beautiful winelands a fresh and vivid green.

Proteus flowers at Eagles' Nest

Proteas flowers at Eagles’ Nest

Peter Stewart at Eagles’ Nest in Constantia, pictured below with head of Buying Tim Sykes, explained the challenges of extreme viticulture in this cooler area, where strong winds are a regular occurrence.

Peter Stewart and Tim Sykes

View from Constantia mountains

The view from the Constantia mountains towards the sea shows the green protective netting which is going up to protect the young shoots, and gives an idea of the steep slope and contour-hugging terraces in this vineyard amphitheatre.

Eagles Nest

Shiraz vines are trained low, with a tall cover crop offering extra protection. Also in view is some charred wood, recalling earlier bushfires which, with the right frequency, regenerate indigenous local plants.

View from Eagles Nest

Jo Locke MW
Society Buyer

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